Notice on Overseas Exchange Students During the Epidemic Period


Dear students:

     Recently, the novel corona virus is spreading all over the world, and some countries have confirmed a rapid increase in the number of confirmed cases. In order to ensure the personal safety and health of students and reduce the current exchange risk, we hereby notify the following precautions to overseas exchange students of our university during the epidemic period :

1Students in the normal exchange period at this stage, please pay close attention to the epidemic bulletin issued by the local government, and the epidemic prevention measures and curriculum arrangement issued by the local colleges and universities, understand the local laws and regulations, pay attention to the official website of Chinese embassies and consulates abroad, carry out scientific epidemic prevention, do a good job of personal protection measures, communicate with family members in time. In case of emergency, please contact Chinese embassies and consulates abroad and Chinese and foreign universities in time. Contact person of our university: Mrs. Liao from International Department


2Before the formal opening of our university, if students who return to China after having finished their studies according to the project date, they should return to their hometown according to the principle of localized management, and do a good job of home isolation according to the local epidemic prevention and control requirements. They are not allowed to return to university. In case of special circumstances, please contact the college in time.

3 Students who have not finished the project, affected by the epidemic, should apply for early / delayed return to China according to the following procedures:

1State sponsored students: Students should contact the Chinese embassies and consulates abroad, obtain the consents of the education department / group of the embassies and consulates, and submit personal applications (indicating flight information and isolation measures for returning home), opinions of foreign universities/tutors and Chinese tutors (graduate students) to , and submit to Study Abroad Fund Committee for approval;


2Students of intercollegiate exchange program: directly submit personal application (including flight information and isolation measures), opinions of foreign university/ tutor and Chinese Tutor (postgraduate) to, submit to the university for approval;


3.Students of inter-college exchange program: students should submit their personal application (indicating flight information and isolation measures for returning home), opinions of foreign universities / tutors and Chinese tutors (postgraduates) to their college. After obtaining the consent of the college, the college will send the information of returning students to and submit to international office for filing.

4The students or student exchange groups originally planned to be dispatched before April 1, 2020 shall be suspended in principle. At the same time, the approval of the use of school funds for cross-border exchanges shall be suspended , the university will adjust the acceptance time of relevant work in time according to the epidemic.

5In order to minimize the adverse impact of the epidemic on the students who planned to study abroad, the university will carry out online study abroad seminars to help students plan for studying abroad and answer their questions on application. Recent online briefing please refer to the same time, the university will dynamically adjust the project implementation plan according to the international epidemic .




 International Cooperation and Exchange Division

March 10, 2020