Department of Engineering English

Brief Introduction:

The Department of Engineering English was established in 2007 as the Department of Applied English by merging the First and Second divisions for College English teaching and research and the division for Postgraduate English teaching and research. In 2011, the department was renamed as the Department of Engineering English. Now, the department is composed of the first division of College English Teaching and Research, the second division of College English Teaching and Research, the division of Postgraduate English Teaching and Research, and the division of College English Teaching and Research on Emei Campus. There are 88 full-time teachers, including 1 professor, 7 associate professors and 3 foreign teachers, among whom 20 teachers are Ph.D or Ph.D candidates. They are responsible for the teachingof English at three levels in the whole university, i.e. Bachelor, Master and Doctor, as well as the teaching of Engineering English as a specialized direction.The Department of Engineering English enjoys a long history, excellent talent reserves and outstanding teaching performance.

In recent years, the Department of Engineering English has successively completed more than 20 national and provincial humanities and social sciences projects, and won 2 national second prizes for teaching achievements, 4 provincial first prizes for teaching achievements, and 16 university-level prizes for teaching achievements. Staff of the department has published 55 academic papers regarding teaching practice and research, and compiled and publishedmore than 50 high-level textbooks (including 15 sets ofnational planning textbooks for the 12th Five-Year Plan).

In 2007, both the College English Course and the Online Education College English Course were selected as national quality courses; in 2008, the College English Teaching Team was awarded the provincial teaching team in Sichuan Province; in 2011, itwas listed by the Ministry of Education as the national college English teaching reform model. The 2016 College English Program was awarded the National Quality Resource Sharing Course.Breakthroughs have been made in the research of applied talents training mode, the building of teacher team, the construction of curriculum practice system, the reform of teaching mode, and the construction and research of new college English teaching corpus and test database. In 2008, based on the multidisciplinary background of the university with a focus on engineering, the department took the lead in setting up courses in engineering English in China. By now, graduates of this direction have been assigned to work in more than ten countries in Europe, Asia and Africa.