Department of Translation and Interpretation

Brief Introduction: The Department of Translation and Interpretation (DTI) of School of Foreign Languages (SFL), was established in March 2009, and began its undergraduate enrollment in 2010. Our university is the first in Sichuan Province to enroll undergraduate translation majors.

DTI has 16 faculty members, 3 professors, 2 associate professors and 11 lecturers.

Objectives: DTI aims to make of students translators and especially translatorsin the field of rail transit and international engineeringbytaking advantage of the university’s favorable resources in the rail transit and engineering field and the school's resources in international engineering project management and qualified teachers. Students in DTI, after fours studying here, should demonstrate a good command of English, become competent in translation and interpretation, and be well prepared for the society. After graduation, some of the students will make competitive candidates for different master programs at home and abroad while some will start a jobin various workplaces, taking on such work as translation, interpretation, management teaching.

Teaching and Research: DTI has four teaching groups, English language teaching group, interpretation teaching group, translation teaching group and E-C translation teaching group in rail transit engineering. Production is high, including academic monographs, translation works, textbooks and academic papers in CSSCI journals. DTI has two research projects funded by by The National Social Science Fund of China, 3 projects funded by Humanities and Social Sciences projects of the Ministry of Education and many other research projects funded by Southwest Jiaotong University.

Resources and Facilities:The facilities DTI shares with other departments of SFL includesYaxin Translation Teaching and Practice Platform, Transn Teaching and Practice Platform, Simultaneous Interpretation Laboratory and Trados Translation Laboratory. Besides, DTI has also cooperated with Chengdu Tongyi Translate Company, Sichuan Lan-bridge Information Technology Co.,Ltd and Transn IOL Technology Co., Ltd. and established internship bases therein.

Talent Cultivation: Since July 2012, students in our department have finished over 20 SRTP projects, 1 at the nation level and 4 at the provincial level. Many students excel in many contests at provincial and national levels. With excellent academic performance and great potentials, many graduates in DTI are able to enroll master porgrams at home and abroad. In 2014 when the first translation majors graduated, 42.8% went to a graduate school in China and 19%went abroad for further education while in 2015, the figures rose to 56.4% and 26% respectively.