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The School of Foreign Languages (SFL) of SWJTU boasts seven undergraduate majors: English, Japanese, German, French, International Chinese, Translation, and Business English. The English Department was the first to be established in 1985 and began to recruit undergraduates in 1987. Then came with the establishment of Japanese Department in 1993, German in 1997, French in 2004, and International Chinese Education in 2008. The Department of Translation and Interpretation was established in 2009 and in the following year began to enroll undergraduates. The Department of Business English was established in 2016 as the last one which firstly recruit undergraduates majoring in English with a priority to learn Business English. Since 2017, the department has officially recruited students majoring in Business English.
    A top-notch of its kind, SFL has developed a mix of diversified majors with rich experience in language teaching. In 2013, the major of International Chinese Education was rated as a five-star major, ranking among the top ten in China. And German ranked eighth in 2016 and Translation ranked 18th in 2018. According to a domestic major ranking published by Wuhan University in 2018, our English, Japanese, German, French, International Chinese and translation all ranked top 20% at A level, of which Translation and English were rated top 10% in China. Meanwhile, we have made many No.1s in Sichuan province, such as Translation, German, Japanese, and French.
    Students in SFL are not only prominent language learners, but also with outstanding application ability, which is proved by their scores in TEM-4&TEM-8 rising year by year and surpassing the majority of their counterparts. Taking 2016 Cohort Students for example, 92.7% in English majors passed the TEM-4 test, 46.54% higher than the national average passing rate; and the rate of German majors was 96.55%, 8 % higher than the average level of Chinese first-tier universities.

    In recent years, our academic excellence has been further highlighted by the increasing number of graduates seeking further education. We also have a higher postgraduate recommendation rate, which has grown from 19.5% (2014) to 25.8% (2017) with a larger variety of target schools, including Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Foreign Studies University, Shanghai International Studies University, Renmin University of China, China University of Political Science and Law, Nanjing University, Zhejiang University, Sichuan University, Wuhan University, Sun Yat-sen University, etc. The proportion of students going abroad for further study too increased from 9.96% (2014) to 13.68% (2017). They were enrolled by prestigious universities worldwide, such as The University of Melbourne, UNSW in Australia, HU Berlin, SPBU, and Nagoya University, The University of Tokyo, Osaka University, Kyoto University in Japan, and University of Leeds, The University of Manchester, University of Bath, UCL in UK, and Université Stendhal, EMLYON Business School, Sorbonne Université in France, and Free University of Brussels, NUS, Hong Kong Baptist University and so on and so forth.



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