“YOUTH LINK Cloud Dialogue Project” and “Cross-cultural Communication and Language and Culture Research Base” Was Officially Launched




On the afternoon of June 17th, the launch ceremony of "Youth Link Cloud Dialogue between Chinese and Foreign Youth" and "Cross-cultural Communication and Language Culture Research Base", which was approved by the Language Exchange and Cooperation Center of the Ministry of Education, was held in the Locomotive Museum Park of Southwest Jiaotong University in Xipu campus. Cheng Liu, member of Party Committee of Chengdu Radio and Television Station; Yang Shaoping, director of International Communication and Cooperation Center of Chengdu Radio and Television Station; Li Yan, assistant director of Chengdu Radio and Television Station; Li Li, deputy editor-in-chief of the magazine Looking at Sichuan of Provincial Foreign Publicity Office; Gui Fuqiang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of SWJTU, Lu Xia, deputy director of International Office,;Xu Jinzhu, deputy director of Propaganda Department; Li Chengjian, dean of School of Foreign Languages,;Wang Pengfei, Yang Anwen and other relevant leaders attended the launching ceremony.

In the ceremony, Gui Fuqiang, deputy secretary of SWJTU said that both sides relying on new media technologies are creating sino-foreign youth cloud dialogue, which deepens the cooperation with overseas well-known colleges and universities of international Chinese classes. This project will serve as a model for cultural exchanges and cooperation between universities and enterprises, as well as between China and foreign countries in the post-epidemic era, and it will also contribute to promoting people-to-people and cultural exchanges between China and the UK.


 Gui Fuqiang, Deputy Party Secretary of SWJTU, was delivering a speech

Cheng Liu, member of the Party Committee of Chengdu Radio and Television Station, said in his speech that the cooperation not only realized the academic exchange of cross-cultural communication, the construction of think tank, project cooperation and talent training, but also built a friendly cooperative relationship between the two sides and promoted the joint efforts of universities and media to promote international communication.



 Chengdu Radio and Television Station Party Committee member Cheng Liu was delivering a speech

Li Chengjian, Dean of the School of Foreign Languages at Southwest Jiaotong University, said that youth are the hope of the future, the time calls for youth, and the era brings them up. The image of youth is the most distinctive feature of this era. The project of "Youth Link Cloud Dialogue between Chinese and Foreign Youth" fully demonstrates the School of Foreign Languages' service for the internationalization of the school, and highlights the school's openness awareness and international communication ability. This linkage mode of university-enterprise cooperation and Sino-foreign cooperation will undoubtedly promote the reform of the talent training mode of the whole School of Foreign Languages and help achieve the goal of international communication talent training.


Li Chengjian, School of Foreign Languages, Southwest Jiaotong University, was delivering a speech

At the ceremony, guests also watched video greetings from Douglas Brodie, Vice Chancellor of the University of Skyde, Fan Lin, Assistant President of the University of Skyde for China Affairs/Director of External Relations, Lisa Hanna, Deputy Director of the Scottish National Language Centre, Fhiona Mackay, Director of the Confucius Institute in Scotland, Xiaoming Zhu, Deputy Director of the Confucius Institute at University College London, and Xia Liang, Director of the Chinese Language Programme at Washington University in St Louis, USA, sent by teachers and students from other overseas cooperative universities, which were played in the communication area of the venue.

     The hosts who were Chinese and foreign college students introduced the guests who will be interviewed by YOUTH LINK in the form of dialogue, and played the greetings videos sent by the guests for the launch ceremony.




 “YOUTH LINK Chinese Youth Cloud Dialogue Project”launched



"Cross-cultural Communication and Language and Culture Research Base" inaugurated. The base is located in the Locomotive Museum Park of Southwest Jiaotong University, serving as the base for personnel training of the School of Foreign Languages, carrying out cross-cultural communication, language and culture research and practice activities.


 About “Cross-cultural Communication and Language Culture Research Base” and “YOUTH LINK Cloud Dialogue Project for Chinese and Foreign Youth”


The YOUTH LINK project is an innovative attempt of international Chinese education and cultural teaching resources. The project was supported by the Ministry of Education language exchange and cooperation center project, and Department of International Education of Chinese in SWJTU is the team for organization, management and planning of the project. It will work closely with the professional shooting and international communication and promotion team of Chengdu Radio and Television International Communication Cooperation Center, launch the third phase of YOUTH LINK interview program before the end of this year. In each issue, two Chinese and foreign guests will share their vivid and touching stories about a dynamic China. The program connects young people from home and abroad who are influential in a certain field. Through their extraordinary stories, the program attracts the attention and interaction of young audiences at home and abroad with the power of young people's example, and promotes cultural exchanges and people-to-people bonds between young people at home and abroad. The program will be launched on the overseas TV channel and new media platform of Chengdu Plus, which is the first overseas TV program in Chengdu. The program will also introduce a language course package related to the topic of the program for the Chinese language classes in the overseas partner universities of the Department of International Chinese, through the Chinese Union, a new media platform affiliated to the Language and Cooperation Center, it will be launched before and after the broadcast of the video program. While displaying the dual charm of Chinese culture and language, it provides vivid, authentic and interesting Chinese teaching materials for overseas Chinese learners.


Dean Li Chengjian and Vice Dean Yang Anwen took a photo with the YOUTH LINK project members of International Education of Chinese Department


In the whole country thoroughly study of Chairman Xi Jinping’s speech about "strengthening the construction of China's international communication ability", and in the celebration of the founding of CPC in one hundred, "YOUTH LINK sino-foreign YOUTH cloud dialogue" project started. It is of great significance to connect the world's youth, especially the outstanding youth groups of the world's famous universities and to tell the Chinese story and promote the cultural and talents exchanges between Chinese and foreign countries.


The Launching Ceremony Was Presided over by Both Chinese and Foreign College Students



Live Music Performance from Chinese and Foreign College Students