Students in SWJTU won the second prize in the 5th National French Poetry Translation Competition in 2021


On March 20th, the national final of the French Poetry Translation Competition was successfully held in Shenyang, sponsored by the Cultural Office of the French Embassy and the French Cultural Center. The judges were representatives from both China and French, including Ms. Anlan, Consul General of France in Shenyang, and Mr. Yu Zhongxian, Professor of Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The competition aims to test participants' ability to understand French, translate, express Chinese and appreciate the poetry.


Students majoring in French from universities across the whole country signed up for this competition. After the preliminary round and the regional semifinal, 7 contestants entered the national final on May 20. The final is divided into two stages: Written Translation and Oral Examination. After the exciting competition, Zou Yuxin, one student majoring in French from the School of Foreign Languages in SWJTU, won the national second prize, ranking second in the whole country. Mr. Yu Zhongxian presented the award.


 School of Foreign Languages of SWJTU attaches great importance to the cultivation of students' comprehensive ability. When strengthening the study of basic major courses, we also guide students to participate in various innovation contests and  academic competitions to promote their learning, aiming at fully improving the application, practice and expression ability of students' academic knowledge, and striving to cultivate compound foreign language talents who are both study-oriented and practice-oriented.